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Did you know that 1.95 cubic feet of gold weighs 1 ton?

All the gold ever mined in the history of the world (about 151,000 metric tons) can fit into a cube measuring only 62.3 feet on each side.  

For over five thousand years, centuries before Cleopatra commissioned her lavish gold rings and necklaces, women have been expressing themselves with, and adorning themselves with, gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is always appropriate and is the perfect fashion accessory for the confident, modern woman. It's versatile enough to dress up a pair of jeans or compliment a business suit. Gold is always in fashion and MyJewelrySource.com offers the basics and fashionable pieces for you to build your gold wardrobe. Omega necklaces are a wonderful starting point and omegas immediately add a sense of class and elegance to any outfit. Byzantine necklaces and fancy woven or link chains go one step further and express your personality.  Gold bracelets are also available in link, woven and bead styles, and there's no better way to wear gold than to wear a piece you can enjoy and admire while you have it on. Gold jewelry is truly an affordable luxury that will make you feel fabulous, sensual, and stylish.


There are plenty of jewelry store on the web.  All are much better in terms of quality and price than buying at a retail brick and mortar store. You can find a huge selection of gemstone jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry or gold jewelry or other jewelry.  The best source for sapphire jewelry, especially sapphire rings and apphire engagement rings is mysapphiresource.com.

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