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Rainbow sapphire rings   Sapphire rings

What is the world without color? Without flowers, without the rainbow, or without beautiful gemstones, the world would be a very different place.  Gemstones are made deep inside the earth and come in every hue, tone, saturation and color you can imagine. And even better, they are everlasting.  A purchase of a fine piece of gemstone jewelry will last a lifetime and will certainly be passed on from generation to generation.  Collecting gemstone jewelry is fun and you can build a wardrobe that is uniquely you. 


Whether you like classic, elegant, bold, contemporary, timeless or understated styles, you can find many pieces that will suit your taste. When selecting colored gemstone jewelry, the color is generally what will attract you initially, but it's good to consider the styling of the piece as well. Is the piece something you'll be able to wear often or will it be the special piece you wear on the most important occasions. Does the color compliment the colors of your wardrobe? 


Of course, other gemstones will work beautifully with the wardrobes colors described, and ultimately it's up to your own personal taste and style.


Unique Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings  Unique Engagement Rings


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Set yourself apart with their gemstone unique engagement rings.


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Kimberley Process Certification Scheme:  Avoiding Conflict Diamonds.  The Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme for rough diamonds.

DiamondFacts.org:  Get the facts. Learn about the benefits of the diamond industry to other nations and what the industry is doing to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond trade.

StopBloodDiamonds.org: Promotes the use of conflict free diamonds.

European Gemological Laboratory USA: EGL USA offers a range of gemological services, diamond certificates, diamond reports, gemological laboratory, HPHT treatments, laser inscription

Jewelers Vigilance Committee: For Consumers: The Complete Consumer Guide to Purchasing Fine Jewelry. JVC, the jewelry industry's legal information organization.

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There are plenty of jewelry store on the web.  All are much better in terms of quality and price than buying at a retail brick and mortar store. You can find a huge selection of gemstone jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry or gold jewelry or other jewelry.  The best source for sapphire jewelry, especially sapphire rings and apphire engagement rings is mysapphiresource.com.

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